Travel guide to Sri Lanka for backpackers

Watch the ultimate backpackers’ guide to Sri Lanka, which will give you an understanding of the island’s transportation, budget accommodations and food.

This is a must-watch if you are planning a trip to Sri Lanka!

Sara and Ryan travel along the coast from Colombo to Galle, before heading to Mirissa to go whale watching and hangout on the beach. They then head to Tangalle for more of Sri Lanka’s beautiful beaches and Tissa for a Yala safari tour.

They later head up to Ella, where they tour a local village, and then take the train to Kandy and finally the coastal town of Negombo, which is close to where the airport is located.

Watch Sara and Ryan’s Sri Lankan adventure in the five-part video series below.

Sara and Ryan's Sri Lankan adventure

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  3. Colombo, Sri Lanka Food Tour w\ Tuk Tuk Safari
  4. Whale Watching in Sri Lanka: The Search for a Blue Whale
  5. Village Life in Sri Lanka - Off the Beaten Path w\ Ella Tours