A mysterious cave in Ella, Sri Lanka has an underground lake!

In the mountains of Ella, Sri Lanka, an unimpressive hole in the ground is actually a part of a larger cave system known as Ravana’s Caves and contains a little-known and stunning underground blue-water lake.

Join explorers in the video below, as they venture into the cave and go cave diving.

Locals refer to the lake in Sinhala as Nil Diya Pokuna, which translates to Blue Water Pond, and the underground lake is yet to be fully mapped and explored.

“It was crystal clear water [and] had a bluish touch,” recalls Amila Dananjaya De Silva of his visit to the cave and seeing the underground lake for the first time. “We all hurried down on the rocky floor and stopped just before the pond in an awe of the scenery.

“As the water is clear, once we aim a torch at the water surface it doesn’t reflect (we had to create ripples even to take photographs).”

Watch the video below.