Direct flights from Poland to Sri Lanka now available

Fllghts from Warsaw to Sri Lanka’s international airport in Katunayake will be available three times a week

Direct flights from Warsaw, Poland to Sri Lanka

Poland’s national carrier LOT has announced this week it will offer direct flights to Sri Lanka from Poland.

The seasonal flights will be available from now until March 2020, the airline announced on Monday.

“Given Sri Lanka’s rising prominence as a must-visit destination in Asia, we are confident the improved connectivity enabled by LOT’s three weekly flights will help increase tourist arrivals while providing globetrotting Sri Lankans with a convenient and comfortable option for travelling to Poland, Central Europe or any other destination we fly to,” Michał Fijoł, LOT’s Chief Commercial Officer, told reporters in Colombo.

The new route, Fijol said, will include 60 flights in a period of five months and intends on transporting “around 10,000-15,000 Polish tourists to Sri Lanka for this winter season.”