How to eat rice and curry with your hands like a Sri Lankan

Tourists visiting Sri Lanka for the first time are often confused about how to eat rice dishes with their hands. Learn from these Sri Lankan fishermen how to eat rice and curry, as they enjoy lunch aboard a fishing trawler out at sea.

This is how locals typically consume rice and curry. In Sri Lanka, it’s not unusual to see people eating with their hands. Forks, knives and spoons are not required to have a meal in the traditional Sri Lankan way.

Most Sri Lankans feel more at home and enjoy their meals when they have the opportunity eat with their fingers.

In restaurants and homes, a finger bowl will be provided at the table to rinse fingers, or there is always access to a sink nearby.

The fingers are used to skilfully mix curries with rice within the plate, creating different combinations with each mouthful scooped in.

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