Why Sri Lanka is now one of the top travel destinations in Asia

Top travel destinations in Asia
Photo by Jacek Lesniowski

After a transition to peace following the end of a decades-long war, the island nation of Sri Lanka has rapidly transformed to become one of the top travel destinations in Asia.

From celebrities seeking an exotic and private vacation in luxurious settings to budget travellers, millions of visitors from around the globe are now exploring this enchanting island.

The island’s treasures are many, with even life-long residents discovering parts previously unknown to them. Many of Sri Lanka’s archaeological treasures and ancient ruins are yet to be discovered.

Here are five reasons why Sri Lanka has emerged as a popular tourist hotspot and one of the top travel destinations in Asia.

Sri Lanka offers something for every kind of tourist

Whether you are a young solo traveller, a honeymooning couple, or a family with young kids, Sri Lanka is a destination for you. Sri Lankan people have long been famous for their warmth and hospitality, so travellers are sure to find themselves at home and amongst friends in no time.

Honeymooning couples love the seclusion and privacy of Sri Lankan beaches, and enjoy taking in breathtaking views high up in the mountains, in the world-famous tea country.

Families can sample varied and tasty cuisine, including large buffet spreads suitable for all ages and tastes, whilst lazing around in some of Asia’s most pristine beaches.

“On this relatively small, diverse island, we could have three different holidays in one trip — an advantage more and more travelers are getting wise to, thanks to Sri Lanka’s ongoing postwar recovery.” — Janine Di Giovanni

Sri Lanka offers a tantalising glimpse of both modern and ancient life

Colonised by the British, Dutch and Portuguese, Sri Lanka today combines old-world colonial elegance with contemporary luxury, and along with it’s diverse populace, the island delivers an exceptional cultural and culinary experience.

Elaborately-designed temples, churches and mosques, decades-old hawker-style eateries and quirky modern restaurants, as well as the ruins of ancient kingdoms to explore before you relax with a cocktail in hand on a secluded jungle beach at a five-star beach resort — it’s.not hard to see why Sri Lanka is a top-class destination.

Sri Lanka is a biodiversity hotspot

For a relatively small island, Sri Lanka has an almost-unparalleled biodiversity and natural beauty.

Tropical jungles meet seemingly never-ending secluded coast lines, hundreds of waterfalls, rainforests, cloud-capped mountains, sand dunes, tea fields and several UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Long known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, one could travel around the country for years and still have a lot more left to explore.

Live in the lap of luxury in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has exciting offerings for the discerning traveller. Ultra-luxury accommodations and upscale transportation options, including sea planes and private helicopters, for travel within the island await you at great value.

Sri Lanka has a wealth of undiscovered treasures

After a brutal civil war lasting close to 30 years, Sri Lanka has plenty in the previously war-ravaged north and east of the country waiting to be discovered. With some of Sri Lanka’s most unique and tasty cuisine, Jaffna is home to Sri Lanka’s Tamil literary and cultural epicentre.

The scenery in the north and east, particularly around the port city of Trincomalee, is a lush and vibrant mixture of stunning blue and green waters, with the jungle contrasting sharply against the hue of the ocean.

Take a journey of discovery to these regions of Sri Lanka and see for yourself what the rest of the world has missed out on for the last 27 years.

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