‘Sri Lankan food is vibrant’: Mark Wiens discovers rare Sri Lankan dishes

In one of the most comprehensive video series ever produced highlighting uniquely Sri Lankan cuisine from several communities and regions, Mark Wiens travels off the beaten path to try rural home cooking, street food and bizarre Sri Lankan foods many are perhaps unaware of.

The internet’s most-popular foodie Mark Wiens recently visited Sri Lanka and focused on discovering truly unique Sri Lankan dishes.

Born in America, Wiens lived in Africa in his youth and now resides in Thailand with his wife Ying and adorable son Micah, who accompany him in his travels across the world and feature regularly in his videos.

Wiens has amassed millions of followers on social media thanks to videos of him enjoying cuisine from across the world.

The celebrity foodie has visited Sri Lanka multiple times but his most-recent journey to the island has helped Wiens produce an exceptional series in high-definition portraying the very best of Sri Lankan food.

Sit back and binge-watch all episodes of Wiens’s Sri Lankan food adventure below.

Mark Wiens's 2019 Sri Lankan food adventure

  1. Incredible UNSEEN FOOD in Sri Lanka - Indigenous Vedda Tribe!
  2. Village Food in Sri Lanka - Epic 19 DIFFERENT Sri Lankan Dishes!
  3. Sri Lankan Tamil Food - BANANA LEAF MEAL and Lagoon Crabs in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka
  4. Huge Platter of Sri Lankan Food - ONCE IN A LIFETIME Family Meal in Colombo, Sri Lanka!
  5. MEAT TRUMPET and Rare Dishes in Sri Lanka | Sri Lankan Food in Kandy, Sri Lanka!
  6. BEST COCONUT CHILI SAMBAL - Next Level Village Food in Sigiriya, Sri Lanka!
  7. Amazing Sri Lankan Food - ARMY SPECIAL FORCES in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka!
  8. Street Food in Sri Lanka - ULTIMATE FOOD TOUR - Egg Hoppers + Kottu Roti in Colombo, Sri Lanka!
  9. OMG Sri Lankan Seafood at MINISTRY OF CRAB! | Food Tour in Colombo, Sri Lanka!
  10. Sri Lankan Food - SPICY OMELET CURRY + Exotic Fruit in Weligama, Sri Lanka!
  11. Food in Sri Lanka - 1.5 KG MONSTER Crab Curry (Family Recipe) in Colombo, Sri Lanka!

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