Exploring Sri Lankan cuisine: 3 foodies take you on a gastronomical island adventure

Three foodies venture across Sri Lanka, discovering Sri Lankan cuisine, culture and the island nation’s natural beauty along the way in this nine-part video series.

Canadian-Sri Lankan Suresh Doss, who returns to Sri Lanka as an adult to find his island of birth progressing well and enjoying the fruits of peace after three decades of war, joins Mahsa Fratantoni from Australia and Lindsay Anderson from Canada on this island food adventure, where they discover unusual eats and new cooking methods made with the exotic ingredients and spices.

The foodies travel to all regions of Sri Lanka, meeting the island’s diverse people, and introduce Sri Lankan food to the world in this excellent production.

Watch the nine-part video series below.

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Exploring Sri Lankan cuisine

  1. Sri Lanka Street Food - Fish Head Curry - Passport & Plate Episode One
  2. Sri Lanka Street Food - Catch Of The Day - Passport & Plate Episode Two
  3. Sri Lanka Street Food - Off The Beaten Path - Passport & Plate Episode Three
  4. Sri Lanka Street Food - Rustic Roti - Passport And Plate Episode Four
  5. Sri Lanka Street Food - Milk Rice Magic - Passport And Plate Episode Five

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